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Card Dog

Card Dog works great for protecting sports cards, but they also double as dividers! These larger graded size are easy to trim to any size you need and are useful for your sorting projects. Label them easily with any sharpie, pen or label maker!

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Adding Card Dogs to both sides of your card(s) gives padding and extra protection during shipment. Card Dog is 1/8" thick and 3"x5" in size of corrugated cardboard and adds needed rigidity. Can this guarantee no damage during delivery, No it CANNOT. USPS can be brutal sometimes with how they mishandle items. However, this definitely helps in preventing damage. 


Once you sandwich your item(s) with Card Dogs, place them in a graded sized team bag (sleeve). PSA, BGS, SGC, BCCG, and other graded card brands will fit when used with 2 Card Dogs and placed in a generic or fitted graded card sleeve. This way also saves time by not having to tape your hand cut cardboard together with painter's or masking tape.


Save your time, and put it towards getting more sales or building your business. I used to spend countless hours cutting cardboard for shipments. I even got my my wife and kids roped into it. We would spend 2-4 hours a week cutting up tons of cardboard just to supply the next week. To say this got old, is an understatement!

Many online sellers just put a card in a toploader and throw it in the mail with no protection. I have seen way too many packages mishandled to trust deliveries will arrive with no issue. Can Card Guard guarantee your items will arrive with no issue - no it can't. However, it does add extra protection and padding along the way. 


My main point of sports card sales is online through eBay. I know many people will look at this product and say 'why would I waste my money on buying cardboard?' I used to think the same thing, until I was doing over 6000 transactions a year. That added up to A LOT of cardboard cutting. Now, my shipping time has been greatly reduced and I can allocate that saved time to listing and generating more sales. 

Now that I use Card Dog, I simply grab a couple pieces to sandwich my card, put it in a team bag, bubble mailer and ship it off. So much easier, quicker, and they provide a clean professional look.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our product!

Erkenbrack, Ryan_Card Dog LOGO.jpg


Purchase Card Dogs in these quantities:

30 Pieces - $8.99

50 Pieces - $13.99

100 Pieces - $26.99

Larger Bulk Purchases please message us for a custom order.

Pricing includes shipping to continental USA. International shipping orders are extra and please message for details.

Only PayPal or Venmo payments are currently accepted.

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