New Products


The Zone provides the latest new products for all the major sports. If you're looking for cases, boxes or singles of product - we can help you out. We also carry a large line of supplies for the lowest price in the area. 



Throughout the year we purchase many private collections. These great finds are passed on to our customers and provide many unique and even one of a kind treasures. If you have a collection to sell or want updates when new items are available, please contact us at 

Special Events

The Zone will offer many types of events each year. Here is a sampling of the types of things we will host. 

  • Birthday Parties

  • Fantasy Draft Parties

  • Local Trade Night

  • Special Guest Autograph Signings

  • Onsite Authentication Service

  • Classic Video Game Challenges

  • Auctions

  • Multi-Sport Box Breaks

Have your own type of special event in mind? Please ask how we can help. We are willing to adjust our hours to cater to you!

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