Box Breaks at The Zone!

The Zone Breaks products throughout the year for new and old wax boxes. All major sports and breaker specific products will be ripped. We do them live in the store and also stream them using Facebook Live.

Upcoming Break Schedule

2019 Football Break - $22/spot random team. Breaks when filled

2018/19, 2019/20 Hockey - $20/spot random team. Breaks when filled

Times are approximate and multiple breaks start immediately after one finishes.

Stay tuned for upcoming breaks!

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Past Breaks

5/31/19 baseball

6/11/19 baseball

8/10/19 baseball

10/3/19 Football

10/5/19 Baseball

10/19/19 Football 

11/2/19 Football

11/2/19 Basketball

11/23/19 Basketball

11/23/19 Football

12/7/19 Basketball 

12/7/19 Football

1/1/20 Football

1/1/20 Baseball 

1/1/20 Basketball

1/1/20 Hockey

1/25/20 Football

1/25/20 Basketball

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